The day to day operation of Angler's Specialities Fish Hatchery is supervised by partner Alan Rudd. Alan has a masters degree from Texas A&M in fish science and has expertise in sport fish production and lake management. Alan also owns and operates Lone Star Lake Management which does lake surveys and recommends proper stocking procedures and requirements for ponds and lakes of any size.

Angler's Specialities Fish Hatchery consists of three lakes and approximately forty ponds on three hundred acres of land. Brood fish are kept in some of the lakes and ponds where eggs and fry are gathered in the spring. The fry are introduced into fertile ponds where they are grown to fingerling size and sold as stockers. Bass fry are sold at the two to four inch size while sunfish such as blue gill are sold in mixed sizes. Channel catfish eggs are gathered and hatched artificially. After the fry lose their egg sack, they too are put into ponds and fed heavily until they reach stocker sizes. Channel catfish are usually sold in sizes ranging from four to six inches. Fish are harvested for sale by seining, electrofishing or, at the end of the season, by draining the ponds.

Angler's Specialities also posses an exotic species license and maintains a ready supply of tilapia, grass carp and koi. These fish must be housed in compliance with State laws and regulations. The purchase of grass carp must be approved by the Parks and Wildlife Department prior to buying the fish. (Refer to GC page)

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